how do you get rid of dead bird odor from inside dryer vent

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    You may want to replace the entire vent pipe. It sounds like the dead bird wasn't in the dryer, but only in the vent pipe. The vent pipe usually has a plastic faceplate which is fastened (with screws and caulking) to the outside of your house. To remove it, pull the dryer out and disconnect it from the ducting. Outside the house, cut carefully through the caulking and remove the screws holding the faceplate to the side of the house. You should be able to pull the vent pipe out of the wall. You can buy a replacement vent pipe (complete with a cover plate) at a local hardware store. Install this and connect it back to your dryer. If there is a piece of flex piping connecting from your dryer to the vent pipe, you may want to replace that too.

    It's hard to know if you can get rid of the smell, but that should at least get rid of any remnants that are left in the duct and still emitting the "fowl" smell.

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