What condition causes your muscles to waste away

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    There are many conditions that cause muscle atrophy. The spinal chord with blown discs and pinched nerves, M.S., simple as even just not exercising will cause it.
    If this is happening, even in early stage, get to your doctor, okay?
    I've heard of post-polio syndrome if you were exposed to the virus way back...
    Muscular dystrophy (in specific patterns)
    sadly, many difficult diseases, but they're rare.
    good luck, MaryMary
    muscular dystrophy comes to mind and multiple sclerosis.

    I have spinal cord problems but it does not cause muscle wasting (in me, anyway)
    exercising is good for you but keep in mind that exercise is moving about your house doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning the bathroom ... I don't believe it has to be formal exercise.

    I overexercised in my early years and that is exactly how i got the spinal problems. i read all the books on i tell my daughter, "take it easy. just take care of your kids and keep your house reasonably clean - no half marathons!"

    I am not a medical person ... just a plain person with no lofty degrees so take it as it is. ok?

    dont like the sound of this as it could be one of many things,if you havent already you need to speak to your doctor


    Lack of exercise i.e. be ridden and many medical conditions i.e. Muscular sclerosis, anorexia and much more. In the olden days there was a condition called infantile paralysis - TB affecting muscles.

    Dopey has edited her answer but it does not show. Not TB - Poliomyelitis - the mye bit meaning muscle - very rare these days since immunisation. Speak with your Doctor hope you are OK  

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