does hair caused by stress

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    Stress may or may not cause hair loss. May be genentic. I lost most of my hair all of a sudden on the bathroom floor exactly 6 months AFTER I had completed surgery & treatment for pancreatic cancer, because the stress interrupted the normal growth cycle. It's a condition that has a long name, but it was too stressful to remember it. :-) I beat the cancer obviously - full head of thick wavy hair! Peace everyone!
    As a guy no, my hair has never caused me any stress.
    I have seen many clients losing hair due to stress. It will not dry the hair as it is already dead as soon as it grows out of the cuticle. Environment, abuse and poor diet will dry it.
    Do you mean does stress wreck your hair? Yes I think so.
    Try using a nice conditioner and leave it in for an hour or so, then rinse in a nice warm shower.

    Once a month I use a few capsules of flaxseed oil on my hair (1-2 for short hair). Smells a little funnky & is a little heavy on hair at first, so do it on 2 daysd when you don't go out much. Shampoo, use oil, then humectant conditioner just to help & to cover the oil sroma. It comes out so silky!!
    I'm talking about the capsule supplements of flaxseed oil: just let them get wet, then they will soften and open, mash them around your hair. Tell us if it works!
    Mine has all fallen out, and I aint got a care in the world.
    A thyroid condition can destroy your hair. MY doctor and my hair dresser both think my thyroid is what has caused my hair to become so damaged. It breaks off and falls out all over the place. I still have a thick head of hair but it is very short these days because I have to keep cutting it to get rid of the damage. My hair was down to my bum till recently. Next time you see the doctor ask him to check your tyroid level-hope this helps.

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