Is there a way to make cats get along in a new home environment?

    Recently moved myself and my two cats into my parents two cat home. We are desperately trying two have them get along.

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    Oh Yes you can with much patients you can buy from your vets it is a spray called feliway and you spray it all round the house and another thing is to keep them separated for about a week and swap their bedding and when you finley intruduce them rub them on each other and blankets spray the feliway again "you can get plugins of this stuff it is exspensive but it does work" always feed them in heir separate bowls but not too near she should always keep cats in for about 6 weeks so they get use to their envioroment and always say "be nice to each other" I now this sounds srange but it stops them fighting A lion tamer reccomened that "dont ask" and give them all lots of love this is from a person who had 10 cats at one stage in my life Good luck paws for ever
    Just be careful they dont run away,this happened to me.They get freaked out with new surrounds and run off.Try keeping them locked indoors for a week.
    it just takes time to adjust to a new situation. im sure they will be ok

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