Did you know India, is about announce UFO disclosure soon? They say, they have had contact with extraterrestials.

    I left out the 'to'. Must be tired.

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    They also claim there is a tunnel in the moon that serves as a space station too.

    There are some very old books that describe how the aliens helped them to build "air ships" in order to get from place to place quickly - which is where the flying carpets in stories came from.

    I got this from: I have sent one of my sightings in to this site last year

    Cool beans eggie, you really are into this aren't you. I read everything I could get my hands on about UFO's in my teens. Then I grew up and started thinking about other stuff. Now I'm back full circle and interested in them again.
    i did not know the E.T."s spoke HINDI..

    Hindu, is a religion not a language. India has many languages. The main language is Hindi. Perhaps the aliens can translate any language. Most people in India are able to speak English.

    my mistake, eggie ,thanks for enlightening me.
    I'm not surprised India is probably the society the most open to UFO's and extraterrestrial life, it's in their background.

    They say that the extraterrestials told them about the rules of the universe.

    That's very interesting, when people dismiss things because of how difficult they are to believe, and suggest that they are open minded.... I just laugh.
    Do you have a link to that stroy?
    I must say that the site you've postet a link to, is not very objective. I'll believe it when serious news company like CNN post a story like that.

    I don't think CNN would post anything like that.

    CNN has issues with "serious" and being a controlled media, it has "issues" with getting the truth out there.

    Yes, I saw that on a website I frequent. In fact, most of your media is very controlled.

    Sadly, all of it is controlled. I watch BBC news or get my information from the internet. They haven't figured out how to control the internet yet, though they are working on it.
    Yes, go to:
    I'll say again, over the next year, there will be more and more UFO sitings, there will be close encounters all over the world. In two years, they will be landing.

    There have recently been sightings over Peru. The craft was so enormous and it was seen by the Peruvian Cabinet. It flew over their heads. They are so frightened they are launching a complete investigation.

    I think I saw one 2 weeks ago. I saw what looked like headlights of a distant plane but they were not moving. Then I thought they could be stars but I had never seen two stars right in line with each other and so close in that area of the sky before. I've checked the sky almost nightly at different times since then and have not seen the two stars/lights again.

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