Favorite Vietnam-era war protest song

    Numerous Vietnam movies produced terrific soundtracks but there are countless other great protest songs. What are some of your favorites?

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    edwin starr; war, war what is good for

    Absolutely nothing...hey hey hey!

    Say it again!
    Easy, "Imagine" by John Lennon.

    Not Vietnam-era song but one about anti-war nonetheless

    Beautiful song. Beautiful man.
    'I WAS ONLY NINETEEN' A great australian anti - vietnam song, brilliant lyrics. [ Anti- conscription]

    I see a Red Door and I want to paint it Black by the Rolling stones""


    A very nice red Door for the Rolling stones:)


    I don't understand those lyrics. I do like the song - like all Stones.

    You're welcome Mel

    Wonder red door you painted for us, whovin!

    Yep needed to repaint it so I painted it red!!

    whovin: I had a door just like the one you show us. I painted each rectangle a different color. The sequence was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
    I lived in a beachy town and all the houses were painted in a similar way.
    (I surrre wouldn't do that now)
    Country Joe and the fish, can't think of the song name off hand.

    Of course. Called "Vietnam Song"
    ed shank

    You got it." Be the first one on your block to have your son sent home in a box". Make's me want to cry.

    I love "Janice" by Country Joe. Takes me back, you know?
    "Fortunate Son" by CCR

    Bingo ! That's mine favorite as well.

    Yo digger... I don't know how it popped up twice and I couldn't delete the second answer, so I guess you all will just have to think that I REALLY like it. ha ha

    Or maybe the sly Coach wanted double tu's ;-)

    Eve of destruction. Can't remember the artist.


    Barry McGuire???

    Could be Barry McGuire.If an Australian artist did a cover version on any particular song,that's the one we heard on the radio over here."raindrops keep falling on my head"is a good example.The cover version was done by our own John Farnam & it was excellent,but I suppose you have never heard of him.

    How naive I am about so many things. I didn't know someone could do a cover and have it broadcast, but it makes sense to play the "local" version. Too bad we don't get different versions (such as Farnam's) to enjoy. Then again, cover artists could flood the airwaves and that wouldn't be good, either.

    Joy to the World ~ Three Dog Night

    "If I were the king of the world,  tell you what I'd do.  I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the wars,  make sweet love to you.  Sing it now..."!




    "Joy to the world - to all the boys and girls ...
    Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea &
    Joy to YOU and ME" : )

    Next time we go to karaoke together, itsmee.

    It's a date! : )
    man in black (johnny cash meaning every one soldiers the poor down troddin he puts his heart into it

    Great Mandalla -- Peter, Paul and Mary (now deceased)

    Greatest war song and there were many. I have to listen to Fortunate Son. I love CCR but missed the lyrics to that one. Got lost in the music, I spoze.

    One two three four what a re we fighting for,, dont remember the name but that was a line in the song

    That's the Country Joe and the Fish song Ed Shank likes. Viet Nam Song

    SKY PILOT    I can picture everything.  The bagpipes are awesome.


    How high can you fly?
    None of em....

    Is that because you have issues with war protesting ?

    No, not totally, A little bit though... I lived through that era, I just associate protest songs with folk music, Joan Biaz, Collens, Bob Dylan, Peter paul & Mary, etc.. I just don't like acoustic guitar folk music. (coffee house music) I do know that there were others that were electric too, I don't much care for those either. Just my personal taste, I don't like 'story telling songs'..

    And I guess a little dislike for anti-war demonstrators of that time too as I saw them spit on our soldiers with my own eyes.. Things like this you tend to remember
    ed shank

    I also remember the spitting on soldiers incidents, sickening. I did protest to bring them home, not to ridicule them for doing their duty as soldiers. Got arrested in DC a few times for protesting. Cops with sticks on horse back pounding the shit out of everyone in sight. A bad time indeed.

    I was just a kid back then I remember the crazy stuff had a cousin shot in Vietnam he lived
    a least they treat the soldier's better today than they did during the Vietnam war!

    Vinny -- Those were All my favorites in the way past. I do understand where you come from. I've met others who think the same.

    Whovin~We learned our answers back then. Now we praise our soldiers as it should be.
    Few praise the wars.

    ed shank it was a black mark in history.

    Problem today is that many of these 'support the soldiers' groups do it out of pity, the soldiers don't want pity, they want respect. and this is something many of them do not get. Look at what the media is doing with Bagdhal's company mates, the media paints them as liars, idiots and mentally challenged. And trouble makers because one guy in the company didn't have his flak jacket on during a miserably hot day. yes, he was wrong but you don't disrespect them for doing something like that.

      Couple more  I really like run thru the jungle fortunate son""


    You're welcome

    I am with Bulletman "I was only nineteen" does it for me. If you haven`t heard it please try and do so.

    One Tin Soldier sung by Skeeter Davis. 1972

    War (what is it good for) sung by Edwin Starr

    I didn't believe in the protesting of the war back then, So I  joined when I was 19 and went twice. But I love all those songs. The End by the Doors really brings back memories.  

    hell no we want go

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