how can i sleep with other woman & not lose my wife

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    You cannot . You will lose your Wife!

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    You always get caught in the end, if you need to sleep with another besides your wife, there's a problem that needs to be addressed in your relationship.

    If you go out and cheat, on some level you are going to have guilt, and your wife will notice. There is no way it won't effect your relationship in one form or another. She will pick up on the signs, whether it's body language or a change in your behavior.

    Eventually you will get caught, it's just a matter of statistics. Best thing to do is fix your broken relationship or get out of it. Hope this helps...
    Not to get flamed but sometimes it depends on the situation, I had an affair that lasted over 3 years, my ex wife was lets say demanding, sometimes hostile and not what she was when we were dating, she switched channels on me, she did not want to go out, meet with our friends, she was a marital drop out. I found a woman that would spend time with me, talk to me, she was an angel in comparison.. Eventually the guilt got to me and i told my ex.. She went bezerk, then she tried to change her ways but by that time i had fallen in love all over again, we divorced and i went on with my new g/f and eventually we married. that was 26 years ago, we are still together today.. and I love her dearly! As you can see, wrong is not always wrong if its right. I do not condone infidelity I just lucked out.. Your mileage may vary..

    What I don't understand is why, when your miserable in a marriage, do you stay married? You ended up divorcing anyway so divorce is not against your views or beliefs. Just wondering because I myself could never remain in a dead relationship. I'd end it first then connect with another person.

    Colleen, Getting into views and beliefs is a can of worms, of course I don't believe in divorce but in my case, I could not go through life being miserable. When we dated, she was a different person, when we married she changed. I tried and tried to make things right, eventually I met someone and she filled the void, can't have it all.. I have no excuse for what i did, I can only say that I have no remorse for what I did. Today I am comfortable with a woman that did not 'fool me into marriage'. 26 years of being faithful to her I was young then, I made a mistake I picked a weed that if I stayed with my beliefs I would have not had the wonderful 26 years I have had. What is right?? get a divorce first? What comes first? the chicken or the egg.. if I divorced i may have never met the woman of my dreams. As I said, I do not condone what I did but then I feel no guild either because due to my affair, it opened up a whole new and beautiful life for me -- My ex?? She is miserable, married to a drunk and can't keep a job, I feel sorry for her but she made her own life..

    Good luck to you Vinny, sounds like you made the best choice.

    Thanks Dollybird- i think luck has been with me for the last 26 years. And as I said, i don't condone what i did but in my case i don't feel guilty either as i raised my son to be a great guy and I have a wonderful wife, when we are young, we sometimes make mistakes, we made immature mistakes and living a life of sadness and badness because when you were young you made a wrong choice, as we age, we get smarter and realize these mistakes. 'Wrong is not always wrong if its right"
    Marriage means sleeping with your wife, and only your wife. Did you sleep through that bit of the ceremony?
    Hope you get caught the first time and her husband catches you. Better pray he's not a gun collector.
    To me this is simple. You don't like your wife for some reason, bad sex, bad attitude, bad habits - divorce her. Then you can go out and sleep with anybody and everybody that will have you.

    Marriage vows are to be kept by both parties.
    LOL, get over with it, you WILL get caught and kicked out of your house!
    do you have children cause if u do that would be a TERRIBLE idea and if you dont i still wouldn't
    How would you feel if she was out there cheating on you? Why would you want to hurt her in the worse way possible? I say if you want to cheat then get a divorce and be single, let her go because she deserves better.

    amen Alyssa, great answer!
    I believe in stead of cheating in your wife you should probably have a talk with her it may end up leading to divorce, but if your willing to cheat on her i think it would be better that way...
    its not the best idea. just stay with your wife
    any time you sleep with someone else you should loose your wife
    Oh by the way if you sleep with other women, you deserve to lose your wife. A lie is a lie.
    Sexual satisfaction is no longer a right, but a blessing, a gift of the relationship to its partner. The health of the relationship is infinitely more important than one owns desires and that ones own desires is an undeserved bounty within that relationship-not only closes the door to adulteries, but abolishes the door and the thought altogether. He who worships anything of himself is a canditate for extra marital sex. His desires have become his privileges. So long as he is his own god, hefeels himself free to obey nothing and no one but himself.
    think visa versa and there's your answer!
    let your wife sleep wth other guys and see how you feel about it.
    dont be an asshole. sorry, but that was necessary.
    Ask her if she is interested in swinging.
    ask for permission.
    answering to vinny , im in a same situation like were 26 years ago vinny im thinking to move on too , had enough , may b you should i dont know i cannot judge that
    shhhhh like first of all do not post it on a site like this or any other site and keep your mouth shut and do it in a nother town and take Viagra if you must
    a good way around this is if it was written into the prenup contract that you could sleep with other women. otherwise expect the to get what you are giving, which doesn't sound like much.
    don't be a selfish..lowdown prat!!!!!
    If you want to sleep with a woman that isn't your wife ; Then you need to go ahead and file for "DIVORCE" Because She sure will!!!
    or have a wife like mine lol....
    all I have to say is let her go if you feel the need to sleep with someone else. Why would you not want to loose her, obviously you don't want her or respect her or you would not want to sleep with someone else. Just what if you did sleep with this other women and she gave you an std or something worse that you take home to your wife, is that fair??? Just remember when you sleep with someone you are sleeping with everyone they have been with and anyone willing to sleep with a married man believe it or not, you are not you are not the only one she has slept with. Seems to me you are quite a bite selfish. Have enough respect for your wife to leave her first, she does not deserve to be humiliated and hurt by your immature and selfish actions. If you love your wife and don't want to lose her "DON'T DO IT". Once you go over that __________line, you can't get back. She "WILL" find out, WHEN THE TRUST IS GONE, IT'S OVER...........Ask yourself is this other woman worth losing it all for?????
    you don't cheat period!
    If you're already thinking about it, she' be better off without you anyway. I say good riddance. Bye!
    Bring her with.
    You cant.

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