I want to drink.

    does drinking alcohol affect the effectiveness of pennicillin?

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    Drink water, good for your health.

    Look, everybody! Bort2010 used "affect" and "effect" correctly. I am sincerely impressed. SINCERELY.

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    No More Drinking!



    Love what is wrote on post card. lol


    If you are on a course of antibiotics,alcohol should not be mixed with them.


    I tend to follow the advice that is printed on the packaging of Antibiotics.Do not take alcohol while undertaking treatment with this medication.

    Umbriel very well said,and I found it most interesting and I do agree with you in what you are saying, though there is one antibiotic that gives you same affects as antibuse dont know the name of yet when I find out will let you know!but my husband had it for tooth troubles

    You can either drink or take the penicillin and get well, which ever is more important to you..

    I would not advise it drinking I mean

    Alcohol destroys the effect of antibiotics. Don't drink while taking them...



    Good to hear as I still drink beer when taking antibiotics.........

    One is usually prescribed anti-biotic's for a 5-10-14 day period, has your anti-biotic therapy been prolonged? If this is not the case and you want to drink after such a short time maybe there is another problem going on!?

    Bort, here's to you, pal.

    I am not sure some aniboitics say that you cant drink and others you can so who knows! ask your Doctor he/she should give the correct advise! iof you have a problem with drinking get to AA

    i wouldnt drink. i dont even care if its safe supposedly. i would rather be safe than sorry. dont drink

    Generally speaking, when you get a prescription medication, an information sheet will come with it and warnings and advice will be attached to the container.  
    I think the answer is right there in front of you.

    I gave your question a thumb's up because you used "affect" and "effectiveness" correctly. It is a happy day for the Chief of the Grammar Police. 

    drink water,juices but not alcohole- it ruinsu and those around u. Be wise

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