want to sell a house i bought 10 years ago but the deed was never put in my name

    i bought the house from a friend at the time to stop it from forclosing. we never changed the deed into my name and now he refuses to sign. ive been living in the house for 10 years and paying the taxes each year. how can i sell the house if he wont sign

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    You really need to get legal advice, that way, you cant go wrong.
    Hope you have something in writing and a good LAWYER!! GOOD LUCK
    you cant sell somthing that legeally dont belong to you without anything signed in paper you might have other legal options .. best call a lawer..
    You need to get your friend to change the deed over to your name. If he won't, you will need to hire a lawyer. Hopefully you have something in writing that proves you were the one that paid the mortgage at some point.
    Do you have proof that you've been paying all the bills? That might help you case.

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