What was your most recent trip of more than 50 miles? Commuting for work doesn't count.

    I was in Connecticut last week for golf and catching up with college pals. Where was your getaway?

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    falmouth cape cod .. weekend get away "captain parkers pup " best clam "chowda' anywhere...

    I was in Boston 2 weeks ago for my nephew's wedding. I'm a New Englander at heart (CT) but haven't been to the cape in years. I have a pal in Chatham. Glad the chowda was awesome. Man I need to get back there and get out to Nantucket and the Vinyard. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

    Used to love crawling around P Town for the day. MV and Nantucket are so crowded with tourists you can hardly turn around.

    we used to take our own boat right out of quincy bay t -p town lots of fun till its time to head back..
    Spent a few day's on Kangaroo Island
    Just went up to Smokey Bones to eat today.

    Hope it was worth the trip. We had a Smokey Bones here in PA but it didn't last the year. I liked my 1 visit.

    Yup Coach one of my favorite places to eat, only get there a couple times a year though.
    to las vegas airport to pick up my "miss perfect's'son and 3 grand kids
    To my moms... twice a week.... a 3 hour drive....

    You're a good daughter Jenn, as well as a mom and wife. Hope your visits are good with Mom. Mine live about 120 miles away (CT). In fact I'm heading up there on Wed.

    Visiys have been tough latly... I think Papa (step dad) is going to have to go into a hospice faciaty in the mext week or so.. Iam headed down to cream corn from the garden.. He is getting such joy out of watching us tend his garden.. He feels like he will continue to provide after he is gone.
    Last weekend went to Virginia to visit niece & nephew's family with brothers and sister. We try to do it each year since brother and sister-in-law were killed in traffic accident. Usually incorporate a remodeling project into the trip (this year was installing a porch railing). About 440 miles each way.
    The Airport to pick friends up.

    What airport Maz?
    spent the weekend at the farm wish i could have stayed
    I went to university today, distance 100km.
    It would be a trip to New Jersey/NYC in last December. We haven't had a Summer vacation yet, I'm thinking about taking my family to Hilton Head in August. And we are planning a short trip to either Chicago or Atlanta in July.

    I'm near NJ and NYC. Need to get to Chicago to say family soon. Have a safe trip.

    My parents live in Northern NJ right cross NYC. I visit them once or twice every year. Thanks and you have a safe trip too!
    I took a trip to Columbus to look at some houses with my daughter they have sold their house and looking for another, I was their critic.
    Last one was from Sunshine Coast Queensland to Sydney then on to Singapore and a week later the reverse of the same trip 6 weeks or so ago.

    In a couple of weeks I am going on a "rellie run" from home to Gold Coast to Sydney to Dubbo (western highlands of NSW) then back home for a couple of weeks then off to London and back a month later.
    Can't afford to buy gas anymore, the last time we went anywhere of great distance was 3 years ago. Went down to Mass. to see Clapton play at Great Woods.

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