Why do I find non religious people nicer to talk to?

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    Maybe you have more things in common? It probably works the other way around for Religious people as well. Commonality is a great ingredient for conversation, usually when someone has strong beliefs one way or another, right or wrong, no one is going to change their mind, except themselves.

    Sometimes it's better to agree to disagree, than to beat a dead horse, so to speak.

    Kinda like ditching school,there are no rules,with religion there are rules and ways of life we are expected to abide by,it's not realistic to have no rules to follow,In my life I try and live by my christian ways,it's not always easy,but through prayers Jesus gives me the strength to pull through,without It I just wouldn't survive!

    Most of the brand name religion have very littlt knowledge of the bible. Most rely on tradition. Most religions I have seen are more about money than anything else. I have been to the Vatican. What I saw there is very expensive. Not the kind of stuff Jesus had. A person who has accurate knowledge from the bible, and actually knows something about GOD would be humbled Not condecending or self richeous. I actually like a person who conducts himself in that way. But don't tell me how richeous you are. I got no time for that

    IluvJesus it.

    No agenda, Not trying to enlist anyone, no excuses, no urgent need to sell you on anything to get another agreeing party. Many missionaries are trying to get agreement from anyone on what they believe to be important...If you don't agree with them then you may be condemned to hell for not agreeing...this may be your last chance to save yourself they think. If you do agree with them then you may be saved and thus their own status in heaven may be kicked up a notch. The overall worried panic you see is a result of this odd jumble of mixed emotions that arise from their since of urgency,duty, pity, fear and responsibility. Their beliefs are vital to them and if you don't share them they have a duty and responsibility to set things straight in your mind...theirs being based on the only true religion in their eyes. All else is deception, lies and the road to hell. Thus the Bible is the only true word of God.
    Obviously anyone outside their religion is likely to be more at ease with differing views of right and wrong. I found Christians to be dominated by folk who obviously display panic-anxiety syndrome when confronted with ideas that differ with their beliefs.
    Some religious folk are at ease with just about anyone, Buddhist seem especially easy to talk with and be around without having to sell you on their ways. Christianity has a lot to offer as do all other religions. All religions teach how to get along with others and what life is about. Some are better than others and there are lots of similarities.
    The variety of religions is due to the fact that global communications is so very new. All these variations will blend over time naturally and old hard-line religions will gradually die out. Life is about adaptation more than dominance.

    Generally they don't "preach" like some religious zealots do. They can drive you buggy with all the scripture and bible thumpin' they do!

    I think non CHRISTIANS are nice to talk to.It's just that nasty language.I have a few friends that aren't CHRISTIANS but they don't swear around me or their kids.

    You need to do more research in a decent copy of the Bible Ramon.

    Jesus said the Meek would inherit the earth and quoted from the Psalms 37 v 10 & 11
    The Bible says God is Love. So how could you confuse a god of love with a monster that burns people in Dante's inferno.

    The wages of sin is death NOT hell fire which is used only in a symbolic sense.

    This means the second death the lake of fire Rev 21 v 8

    It also says "The soul that sins it shall shall die" Ezek 18 v 4

    I have always found that the nicest people I have ever talked to were Jehovah's Witnesses
    and if you ask them nicely and respectfully they will give you a book called "What does the Bible really teach?" and if you wish they will teach you the bible on a one to one basis without charge or obligation as they do with over 7 Million non witnesses around the globe.

    When you talk to witness you will find that they have a new language. Some people do find this hard to deal with because it tends to expose their treasured fallacies. But this is all part of education, broadening the mind and spirit to become acceptable citizens on Gods cleansed new earth.


    Hi Brother !!

    Our problem is we dont listen too the holy spirit when reading the bible and everyone has there own view on what is trying too be said from Christ, And so we get on here and tell everyone there going too hell and bash them with some man made law that came from some scripture saying something completely different than what they read. If we said that Christ loved them and all he wants from them is a relationship and too pour out blessings and peace and understanding of what he is doing, I think there view would be a little different......Its not rocket science why Jesus hung and out sinners more than Christians. If Christians just relaxed and acted like regular people and not some religion driven robot it would be nice.Im a minister and i can barely stand hanging out with Christians. Just because i dont swear doesnt mean i can tell you not too...peace out

    I am a 66 year old Christian who was drawn to the Christ in the Christian Bible when I was 18 year of age.I feel really sad when I come upon bad people and just as sad as meeting Christians who are so up themselves they have nearly disappeared. The latter could well be the types that you have met. The happiest religous people are those folk who still remember their past and still would admit that they enjoyed a lot of it. Find the right people and they can be as much fun as anybody else.

    Good hunting.

    You will bow down to Jesus either now or later. If it is later, you will not enter into the kingdom of Heaven. This is not what I say, but what God says in the Bible. When you die, there are only 2 places your soul will go; heaven or hell. At one time I fully believed the way you do, but I was very wrong. I say this with love not hate; I wish you would just read the book of John in the bible and then decide.
    I wish you the best.



    Boy will you be in for a surprise when you see how many non Christians are in heaven. : )


    Impossible. 'I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by ME'

    papa peg

    I thought non Christians didn't believe in HEAVEN.

    Religious folks have a 'job to do'.. it's hard to break out of that frame of mind, that everyone they meet must be saved. Their minds are more boxed in, so naturally it would be a less enjoyable conversation. :]

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