if you don't wash your dog for a month what happends?

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    Most dogs if brushed regularly don't need a bath unless they get into something or needs a flee bath.
    If I did not wash my girl every week, and at times more, I would not be able to take her to the aged care facility where she is a therapy dog.

    It is a requirement that she must be presented in a clean and brushed condition.

    Her coat shines as if it has been polished, I use No more tears baby shampoo to wash her. No irritation to her eyes.

    I know some of you will be saying " I thought you should not use people shampoo on dogs?" Well I have used it on my dogs for years, a pure Border Collie, her white patches started bush fires they were so bright, a Rottweiler who was like burnished metal and my current Border Collie/ Belgian Shepherd. Over 30 years of dogs.
    Nothing. It's better for him to only get a bath once a month. Vets recommend this.
    We had a dog when I was a kid, that was half boxer, and we never washed her. My mom didn't like taking care of the dog period.
    Anyway, your dog's hair and skin would prob get full of fleas,dirt, flea dirt, oil, old dead grass clippings. ....maybe ticks., old dead, skin scales.
    It stinks.
    Your dog will be very happy.

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