Hey Fellas: Your Best Advice From Dad

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    Always live within your means. Make a budget and stick by it.

    My exact advice.

    a good financial plan from your dad :-)
    One day when I was a kid, probably 12 or 13, I was studying at my desk in my room. My father came in and put a sticker on the desk bookcase. He went out without saying any words to me. I could see the sticker at my eye level whenever I sat on the desk chair. The sticker said, "YES, I CAN!". Since then, it has been my motto in my life and I certainly intend to teach my kids the same.

    when you think you can't, take the apostrophe "t" off, yes you can...good advice :-)
    I never had a dad ,well I must of had one,but never got to meet him.
    So to ans your question,my advice would be as a father,Don't leave your wife for another women,if you want to be a men.For the sake of your children,unless your a selfish person.

    you are a father and this is some great advice you can give to your children...

    My children don't want any advice,we folk are old fashion.Just the same,this is not only for children,there are many people out there with selfish desire.

    when you think your children are listening...they are!

    If you say my children listen to me.Then why has my only son turn out to be a drug addict,had to get his arm amputated,what do you think that did to my heart? not to mention what it did to him.

    sorry to hear your son is a drug addict and for the lost of his arm. you do the best you can do for your children, as they grow older, their decisions become their own...

    I thank you Pam for your concern,it just that I look back and wonder where did I go wrong with this kid? when I was his age I would of like a dad to show me a few thing,in which I had to learn the hard way.

    I was only trying to say,what has gone wrong with this generation? I don't recall problem with drug when I went to school.Now it seem that all you here,our cities polluted with this crap.Am I from another world?

    everything is constantly changing, also, with people...

    If your asking me,thing have change for the worst,this
    drug problem is getting dangerous to everybody health.
    There seem to be no more stopping,decease spreading will
    only worsen,with this epidemic of drug gee,it just sickening.Yes it changing and it not good to anybody health.I cant see why people are allowing this to occur?
    dont sware until you really need to, or else youll have no more sware words by the time you really nee to sware.

    in others words, swear words you don't necessarily need

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