clock to time pigeons

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    Well I know some people eat squab, but I don't think I would ever try it unless I were starving or something. When you bake them if the timer isn't working on your stove or oven, just use a kitchen timer...

    Maybe you can use the timer on the microwave? Yeah, I'm just kidding...
    Electronic timing method

    The latest development and preferred method for timing racing pigeons is the Electronic Timing System. The bird's arrival is recorded automatically. When using an electronic system, the pigeon fancier doesn’t even have to be at the loft to clock the birds as they return. Birds are fitted with a band that has a tiny RFID chip in it which can be read when the bird comes home. At the home loft the electronic scanning records the pigeons arrival. The pad or antenna is placed at the entry point to the loft entrance and as the pigeon crosses it the electronic band is scanned. The clock is attached to the antennas. The serial number of the transponder ring is recorded along with the time of arrival. This is very similar to transponder timing systems used in human races.

    In February 2008 the members of the Penygraog Homing Society Racing Pigeon Club in Wales won an award to fund a new electronic timing device. The club was able to obtain the device thanks to funding from the All Wales award initiative. Club secretary John Williams said: "The electronic timer certainly makes it a lot easier for us".

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    Would a stop watch work?
    where can I find a clock to time messengers pigeons?

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