My pitbull has awlful smelling feet regardless of how may baths, what can I do?

    She is an indoor dog and sleeps with us we bath her at least every other day, but her feet deoteraunt doesn't work, help

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    Might have a fungus growing in her paws.
    "we bath her at least every other day"

    STOP THAT!!! Unless you want her to have sever skin problems stop bathing her so much!!! 1 time per month, that's it!! Dogs feet stink..all doges feet stink! Unless it's not a medical condition, you can't fix it or bath it away. Love her and accept it. I have 2 dogs so this means 8 stinky feet. They sleep with me. The smell doesn't bother me as they are under the blankets and my nose is not. I change my sheets every 3 days. I do this because I love my dogs in spite of their foot odor that they can't help because they run around bare foot.
    If there is nothing medically wrong with her feet,i wouldnt worry about it.Nearly all dogs have an odour,i live with a staffy and believe me she dont smell like a bed of roses either but i have noticed she is always tending to her feet she licks them for ages,must be something they do.
    Change her socks.

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