How do you explain 'deja vu' ?

    it happens so many times that i'm starting to believe reincarnation theory or something confuses the hell out of me...

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    I believe it mostly comes from our dreams. I have actually remembered a dream that I've had during a De Ja Vu type experience.

    I know that God gives us dreams of prophecy, of warning and glimpses of our futures. My sister and I both had the same dream that one of my brothers had a fatal car crash on I-95 about three months before he got an accident on I-95. He said that if he wasn't paying such close attention, because of our warnings he may had died.

    I believe the reason we have this strange familiarity at certain times in our lives can be for many reasons, maybe they are just important moments? I am a believer, so is my brother and sister. We also get premonitions, which colleen pointed out, that is different.

    De Ja Vu and premonitions are two different things. One is past the other is future. Each ability given by God to aid us in our lifetimes.

    I understand, I have had both and yes they are different. I have remembered a certain situation, or moment in time and later or in a few minutes remembered that I did dream about it. I'm not saying that there are not other causes, I'm just speaking from my own personal experience.


    OK, when I read your comment, it just seemed to me you were mixing the two. For someone with your beliefs De Ja Vu will always be hard to understand so you'll just have to do what you're doing now to try and understand it. Search and find something that makes sense to you. It's only one thing, not many different causes ;)

    Your right It does kind of seem like that...I should have made it longer. I was just trying to make my long answers shorter. I have to blame my editor, me.

    I do the same thing when trying to stay short and to the point. Much harder to do in type than speech. The printed word is often misunderstood or taken the wrong way.
    It happens to us all. Sometimes it's creepy.

    I Know... but how come nobody can explain it..

    Just one of those unexplainable things.
    The brain provides us with a wide range of possible experiences. Some of these can be induced by certain foods,toxins,drug and event-memory-triggers…I have been here before. It feels a bit weird and seems to suggest we just saw this somewhere in time. Nice that we have these odd events ,it gives us things to talk about. Seems like an echo in time, rather than a memory or a synchronous event, where we are aware of things in the present time, when they are happening. It is as if i am looking at a point in time just after the events I’m seeing have occurred but what I am thinking that I am seeing is in sync with the present until I see my hand and the fact that it is moving at a different rate than my observance of the room. Seeing the hand tells the brain that what you think is in sync is not and what is in sync is in a different place. The brain quickly shifts to sync because otherwise you may think your experience is not real which could lead to other problems.
    Perhaps you may have read about how I have been saying belief makes perception and that you see the world as you choose to see it. These little reminders of how we think, influencing our perception is part of reality. Understanding these things and working with your own thinking gives you strength of understanding.
    your not alone in that department , i think every one experiences deja vu.. i wish i had an answer i dont. perhaps the minds eye enjoys new sceenery and our subconcois agrees . as far as reincarnation goes that would have to mean were all reincarnated, im not buying that...jmo

    yeah lol, i don't agree with reincarnation either, but perhaps something else that we haven't discovered yet. there must be something that could explain it..

    Then you'll never understand it dh. So stop trying.

    sorry i will always strugle to understand what i dont know.. thats whats makes us human..

    SO TRUE!
    BEEN there, DONE that is what it means to me. But to explain it - would be impossible. weird hey!

    It's not impossible to explain. It's a memory of a past lifetime. A snapshot. It's exactly what you said, been there, done that. Now just get the message. Is the thing you were doing at the time a good thing or a bad thing? Soul guides the mental brain every second. Listen to yourself, your Soul self.
    Splintered memories of past lives. Something you are doing at that moment is a copy of something you've already done but not in this lifetime. Understand deja vu. It does not happen in dreams, it happens when you are fully awake and Soul remembers something and alerts your subconscious which then alerts your conscious. Sometimes it can be a warning that you've "done this before" and it didn't work out so well then, other times it a memory for Soul that is a nice one. Deja vu is a snapshot of a time in a past lifetime.

    cool! you must know alot about deja vu. its kind of complicated

    It's only complicated when you let other beliefs get in your way. It's really just as simple as I stated above.
    'deja vu' again.
    I think it comes from a quick passing fragrance. the fragrance doesn't hit our conscious awareness but it does cause a memory. your guess is as good as mine -- probably better : )

    ive had fragrances bring back memories. even ones that have been buried for ever.

    I've heard alsoo that one eye perceives an experience in a fraction of a second begore the other eye, so the brain processes the same experience twice. Not to be a damp blanket, just something i heard.
    A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum explains it all

    I think d?j? vus can have different causes.

    One is certainly dreams. Earlier in my life it happened to me that I got into situations that I had dreamt of before in amazing detail. In my dreams, those situations always lead to some sort of conflict. But when I experienced them in real life, I was aware of that danger thanks to the dream I had had, and nothing bad ever happened. Usually, the real life situation would occur within half a year after the dream. It hasn't happened to me in many years now.

    And yes, another cause may be memories from past lives. I believe in reincarnation, so it seems only logical to me that our memories of former existences are accessible to us under certain circumstances. They must all be there somewhere, and why should the door that separates us from them not open up from time to time and allow us a glimpse at what is behind?

    I know I commented this on the other question similar to this one, but this is a true story.

    I used to have a t-shirt from,"Cafe 66," in S. Carolina. It had written on it,"Vu Ja Da." Have you ever been somewhere and felt like you've never been there before. Yeah, it was opposite, I thought it was funny.

    Cute :)

    i heard that reincarnation is making a comeback......
    seriously though,ANYTHING is possible.the very fact we are here is hard enough to comprehend.i personaly have experienced all manner of strange happenings,deja-vu included
    repeated deja vu may possibly be a symptom of a mild seizure. I had them as a kid. I had none of the convulsions or body movements, just lots of deja vu. If you have a Dr., you might mention it & ask. The test is a simple EEG (electrodes on head).
    Dave va ju is a sattelite channel in the uk where you can watch programmes on dave one hour later than originally broadcast

    If that's your opinion of this site, why are you still here? Please watch your language. I've edited your comment. It was rude and uncalled for.
    harry crumb

    Dear Colleen i am sorry about the bad language maybe i could take you out for a steak dinner sometime?

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