Have you ever succeeded in putting toothpaste back into the original tube?

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    why is your rating only 1? it should be 4!

    : D

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    The thought never enter my mind

    Your answer somehow made me smile. Hope things are going well for you.
    If I ever even tried to do that, then I would know for sure my life had little or no purpose. LOL

    now i know for sure you haven't tried to bend a spoon with your concentration in your life...or stick it to your body to see if it's magnetic.. :)

    I did try...when I was 6.

    really? that did it go?

    I learned how to cheat and make it look like I could bend the spoon :)

    Lucky you, how do you cheat? do you get the soft metal spoons? right?... few months ago i was stupid (or was curiosity) to actually stick a spoon to my stomach to see if my body is magnetic....but the results sent me to eat another ice cream :(

    I know that trick too, Colleen. My dad's friend bent a good dinner fork instead of a spoon. It was just an illusion. He showed us how to do it.

    Yes mcm, it was an illusion. I just can't tell dh, I'm enjoying seeing him go for more ice cream because he can't figure it out. :)

    Your so mean Colleen :(
    and i thought we were fwends ...... 'hic..hic..hic....gwabbing anoda ice cream..

    hehehehe...luv you dh ;)

    I'll give you a virtual hug if you teach me pweaasee :O

    Honestly dh, it was so long ago (43 years), I can't even remember how.

    okay :)
    Then take this....... {{{(((HUGEHUG)))}}}}

    How did that feel ;)
    Hahhahahah --- You owe me an ice cream now :D

    Nothings for free ;)

    lmao... Ice cream for dh, <}0OOo- 3 scoops with a cherry on top :)

    (and the hug felt great! Thank you)

    that tasted amazing...did you add chocolate, i ate so fast i didn't notice...
    Iol, i'll have to go, my professor is glaring at me now...(scariii)

    Of course I added chocolate. No ice cream is complete without it ;)
    do you ... oh do you realize the length of responses for the toothpaste quiz?! I'm giving you two thumbs up, chiangmai.

    I posted this a few days ago, never expecting this kind of response. I am laughing so hard at all the cute and crazy answers. Thank you all!
    it means your anal retentive...
    LOL : D
    You could go on late-night tv. Jimmy fallon would enjoy it. He'd probably have a contest~you against one of the audience members. each would have your own tube, of course. gotta be sanitary.
    If you really need it that bad you can save it in something else. You don't have to put it back in the tube.

    I'm glad you're back. I like talking to you on here so I notice when you're away.


    Good luck with your new job. Hopefully you can adjust to the new schedule better.

    I am glad to be back in Hawaii as well. Nonetheless, we are more certain than ever that we'll be moving to Chiang Mai about 18 months from now. The cost of living in Hawaii is just about the highest and the reverse is true about Chiang Mai. We plan to construct our second house (next door to the first)in Chiang Mai within a year.
    Nope havent tried that one.
    Yes, you squeeze the tube on both sides, and it sucks in all the access toothpaste.

    I tried it. It works!!
    Yeah, I tried that but didn't succeed.. I also tried to put the light back into the lightbulb. That didn't work either.

    Once when I was in the boy scouts, we were going on a camping trip, it was my job to check all the equipment.. We had a box of matches, I tested them all, they worked fine.. I have no idea why they didn't work when we got to camp..
    a. My favorite answer: Vinny.
    b. The almost scientific answer: Umbriel.
    c. The one that gave me a smile and made my day with his two thumbsup: itsmee.

    Thank you all!
    Mom cat told you my trick.. it was an experiment in 4th grade.
    I've never been that desperate. I'm mean, but not that mean.

    Is your question reffering to the paste you emptied into a receptacle just for the purpose of this experiment or are you talking about the paste you've been using to brush your teeth during last month and by now is anywhere between your sewer and closest ocean to your place?


    I didn't realize this question has provoked a lot of pondering from many of you. Thanks for taking the time to contemplate.

    Don't think I will spend any time on trying to do that myself.

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