Tell me about the most embarrassing thing you or your friends have said on a funeral ?

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    I commented to the family of the deceased and told them it was such a beautiful funeral.I dont think they thought it was too beautiful,i should of said the service was conducted beautifully.

    Wow ! I wish I would have been there to see your face. LOL
    i asked the deceased mans son "how ya takin it?" i felt about an inch high after i said that.

    Oh man !

    Two little old ladys went to pay respect to a little old man who had died. He had been on a nice holliday in the sun and was nice and brown. One wee lady said to the other. 'I have never saw him look so well'


    Friendindeed, its that true? It is funny, thanks for your story.
    A friend of mine told me that a common friend's grandmother has die. We agreed to meet at the funeral palace to pay are respects. I got there and waited and waited so I decided to go in by myself. I stood in line and it was a closed casket. Well, I went to the family and told them how sorry I was for their grandmother and bla-bla. Guess what? I was in the wrong room and the person in the casket was a guy that got kill in a motorbike accident. Needless to say that the whole family was looking at me like I just landed from another planet

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