How Should You Cope with Bullying

    Hey guys its national bully awareness week and id just like to know what you guys think about bullying

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    Believe or not, bullies are people who lack self confidence, so the only way that they can build themselves up is to put others down either verbally or physically. Both scenarios are demoralizing to the victims. The bullies themselves have much deeper issues that we most likely don't know about so my advice to a victim is to get others involved. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help.


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    I agree with you coach ad I have been assigned to research this topic for class -even in a previous neighborhood I learned that bullies in my opinion are most certainly deprived of the love and compassion that they so much deserve each bully I know have low self esteem and ant to be noticed only they don't quite know how except to pick on the lesser aggressive and passive persons.

    I was in a whole lot of fights when I went to school, eventually I learned that the best offense is a good defense. Martial Arts is the way to go for kids, it teaches self control, confidence, respect, and perseverance. You would be amazed what a difference you will see in a child who takes some sort of karate classes.

    Believe me when I say the rest of the kids will be afraid to mess with them only after a few months of training. Once I took the classes I learned how to resist fighting and I actually became an anti-bully, I would stick up for the weaker kids being picked on and the bullies were scared to death of me. I hardly had to lift a foot to scare them off.

    My nephews take Tae Kwon Do, and never get into fights, the rest of their schoolmates won't even attempt to mess with them. Nor do they bully any other kids. They have become more respectful of adults and kids as well, due to the anti-violent teachings at their karate school.

    I would highly suggest this for any kids, being picked on or not. Bullying is wrong on so many different levels, but it's the nature of kids in school, establishing a pecking order.

    I hate bullies. And there are bullies in every age in life it is not limited to just in school, it is in the workplace too.

    Ms Sinclair

    You got that right. Unfortunately, if it's in the workplace you can get fired if you retaliate, especially if it's your supervisor who's doing the bullying.

    Catch him or her alone and confront the asshole and take care of business ALONE

    I agree with Improvegolf, thats how we settled these things when I was a kid. But now a days the little shits pull guns.

    I was terribly bullied as a kid. No one ever did anything for me and everyone saw it. It still causes nightmares. However, I know what kind of person I am and I am better than they are!

    Oh i if theres a person I genuienly hate it's a bully.I used to get into fights all the time at school for stepping in when i saw them start bullying someone.Even now if i see someone at work throwing their weight about i gotta stick my oar in but i always feel that anger from within my belly when it comes to a bully.What you got to realise is a few are just plain nasty n enjoy tormenting someone but most bullys have nothing about them n unable to express themselves,the only way to look good n feel good about themselves is to make someone else look n feel like shite.Knowing that doesnt help the one being bullied but the bully's rarely change n when all of the rest of you grow up n move on he'll be sad,sorry excuse all his days.As for the present if possible hit him back if not dont give into him/them n don't worry it may feel bad now but it doesnt last n thats the truth.

    have a bigger base ball bat than his, and hit him where it hurts first,
    dont ask questions first

    Its so wrong its degrading for the person being bullied.The best way it seems is learn self defense so as one can put a stop to it quickly..Personally I prefer to talk still bully s see this as a weakness as they usually come from a home where they were bullied...

    ive just had another experience at work with a bully,bearing in mind she is a senior suppot worker she was calling another member of staff a control freak to is face and generally being nasty and a bully,he was really blown away and upset by her comments so i reported her i dont no why some people feel the need to be a bully and so hurtful

    I suggest you grow some balls and punch the dude where it hurts the most!

    I used to get bullied EVERY day for over 2 years.....came home with bruising all down my legs from being kicked. One day I just flipped and really damaged not just one but a few of them. Felt great at the time and the bullying stoppoed. trouble is it tought me a bad lesson in life....You cant go round thumping people who verbally abuse you although I did and ended up in a whole load of trouble....Just wish i'd have had the verbal skills to hit back without getting physical....great thing, heinsight!!!

    Consider making the the parents responsible. Have them serve time in jail. If parents are bullies they will raise bullies. So make them be the bullied. You'll see a drop in that attitude. I see a lot of irresposnsible parents who have no idea HOW to be a parent. That is why you see such a rise in nasty mean punks with no respect, especially for themselves. Respect shouldn't be earned. It should be taught. If a kid tells me I need to earn his respect, he/she is wrong and their prents have done him/her a great disservice.

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