PLease help im in need



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    Please, be careful when answering a question like this, the phrasing of the question shows that the author is a very young age, please use discretion in the future....

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    Well Zac lets work this out sensibly.Why would it be bad?.I know there's still uptight or religious people who thinks it's a dirty,distasteful habit but their screwed up and prob disapprove of anything other people do.Immature people will snigger about it but most people do it whether they'd admit or not.Ask yourself whats bad about it??.When your a teenager and your hormones are ragin you get horny all the time,erections constantly you can't ignore the way you feel.Masturbating relieves a lot of tension also how else you gonna learn how your body works.Plus it feels great.I assume youre fairly young so i'll give you a bit of advice.Take your time,enjoy how it feels and try to go as long as possible before coming,make that a habit n the girls will appreciate it later.It's healthy,free,harms no one so enjoy it.I'm 38,long term gf but i still love a good wank often !!!!


    You know what fastbob, how old do you think this kid is? I think you are being pretty graphic for not knowing the age of this kid, not very smart if you ask (most people with common sense.)

    Try thinking before you go spouting your mouth or typing on your computer... this kid could be 12 years and your talking on adult subject matters, please use your brain, I'm sure there's one up there somewhere.

    I dont think you said anything wrong. You are 100% right. Even at 12 he deserves a honest answer from a man, And I think it was tastefully put. Its because of peoples uptight attitude that young men and women have such issues about their bodies.Lets make them feel dirty and shamefull. 99.9% of all people masturbate the othr .1% lie. Yes Leeroy even you do it. The only thing I would have added fastbob72 is try not to let it get to out of control and cause you to be late to school and appointments, and most important make sure you are doing it in a private place, alone and noone can walk in on you. Thats your business,its not bad just private.

    no zac masturbating is not bad,its just a natural thing that both men and women do.

    zac masturbating is very normal it also helps u find out what is pleasurable to u and u can pass it on to ur partner its also releases stress . Have u heard of the expression learn to love ur self first ? not every thing that we are told when we were growing up was true so if thats were u heard masturbating was wrong then im pleased to tell u that they were wrong its just a old fashion idea like many others .So learn to enjoy ur self .
    Maturbating will bring you pleasure at any time and at any place with anyone you fantisize about and we all do it at any age
    hi zac stop beating your self up over something that is pleasurable and legal and healthy, no its not dirty or perverted as some people make out, its just a normal natural thing that both men and woman do ok,
    i will give u some

    You're too young. Go to bed.

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