Rang my wife to tell her I had just won 10 million dollars. She asked what about all the letters begging for money? Wahat did I say?

    Rang my wife the other day to tell her I had just won 10 million dollars. She asked what about all the letters begging for money? what did I say?

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    Send them all to Santa.
    Return to sender
    Pay them all.. You will be out of debt.
    For just a small percentage of that $10 mil....I'd be more than happy to answer any question you have with much research and wisdom! lol
    Rang and told my wife I won 10million dollars.

    Told her to pack her bags" what type of weather/" don`t care just be gone before I get home.

    She asked about all the letters pleading for moey I said "Keep sending them out

    She said the children would be pleased I said "I wasn`t planning on telling the children"
    I would say to help as many people as you could, but be careful not to help those wanting to take advantage of you. You could set up someone to interview people to make sure they were on the level and it was a worthy cause.

    Remember the old saying,"Give a man a fish and you only feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. The best way to help someone is to invest in their future, not by just giving them a temporary fix. Sending someone to school, investing in an invention, or helping someone through a difficult time.

    If we can learn from our mistakes or just learn something new, we can get back up on their own two feet again. If someone is there to lend a hand or help us, just for moral support it can make a huge difference in our lives. TMO
    Sorry no cigar for anyone so far.
    I moved besides, beggars can't be choosy!

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