how can I get state medical aid if I am disabled

    I am a stroke victim. My disability benefits have been extended for three years. I am currently paying $1,300.00 a month for Cobra Insurance. Is there medicare or medicaid, some kind of state insurance coverage for pre existing conditions for me? My spouse is unemployed and I cannot return to the work place and we cannot afford the Cobra Insurance

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    Here in Chicago you can go to the Department of Family Services where they service food stamp recipients along with Medicaid. They helped me after I got my disability payments. I don't know where you are at but you can contact your city's Department of Family Services...good certainly are paying a lot for Cobra and that too will run out as did mine unless you're in some kind of program that I'm not aware of (:
    yaya sister

    Hi, thanks for the quick answer. We are in Ca. I know full well there must be state aid. My brother in Law is doing all the "researching" and my sister is under the impression that there is nothing they can do. Hell, we are in CA. and I know full well people make a living out of not working and get benefits.
    ole hipster

    Your welcome....persevere...dig deeper....make your question and include the state you're in...there is help out there...just have to find it...go through the red tape required...once someone is on state aid they pretty much have it made unless they ***k up with the requirements...(:
    It all depends on how much money you have in a checking account, savings, and even in your retirement account. You have to be almost broke before you can get Medical Assistance. If you have kids to support, the qualifications are easier. Apply at your county Social Services Department.

    You can apply for RSDI through Social Security for disability, and within two years you can get Medicaid, if you are still disabled.
    yaya sister

    Well they are all but broke and the Cobra is putting them there, not to mention they are full time legal guardians of their 7 year old grandson, couldn't they get some kind of aid there too?

    Probably, apply at the county Health and Human Services department.

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