How come this one person on this sight that willl be un-named keeps commenting on everything i comment on and try to prove me wrong like how come they cant get their own life and LEAVE MINES ALONE !!!!


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    24 hour suspension may be enough to help you loss the attitude?

    No, 2 corrections out of 15 answers is not someone stalking you and giving you a hard or rude time.

    Keep your Facebook issues on Facebook.
    some people fear what they dont know others are just plain rude
    it dont matter

    thats wat im thinking
    NOOOOO not you its on facebook i sed it would be unamed but now its not thanks alot

    I can't help you if you do not name the person. I'll take a look. You're new. This forum is member moderated. If you put out an incorrect answer, a member will correct it.
    it dont matter

    some people know who i am and i dint want them to know that i was haven the promblem with them
    it dont matter

    are you not listening i dont care if you correct me..,actually corect my spelling if u wanna im haven a bullying promblem i just wanted help and now u all of a suddden think that evrything im sayin is about u NEWS FLASH its not k

    OK.I see I've misunderstood....we have a member named facebook but you are not talking about our member. You are talking about Facebook the site? You do know we are not Facebook and no one from Facebook sees these comments on their wall, right?

    Relax your attitude or you will not be here long.
    it dont matter

    yes, but i know people from this site that know me from facebook and i didnt want them to know but is there somehow a way that i can just delete my question so no one can see this anymore it already has about 30 views
    it dont matter

    i will glady leave im not causing a problem you are so if i get worked up o well but im going to keep using this site asd long as i please

    Let me know when you see this...if you ever feel bullied here, each comment has a report button attached to it. Use it or go to the bottom of this page and use the "contact" button and explain your problem. The admin will take care of the issue. I'll remove this whole thread as soon as I know you've seen this part.

    I am not causing a problem. You posted a complaint, as a moderator, I responded to the complaint. I'm beginning to think you're not old enough to be here.
    it dont matter

    ex."2 answers out of 15 what ou've given isn't everything. Drama much?" thats so freaking rude thats more questions then you answered on your first day and to be exact and correct you its 16
    ole hipster got enough views...are you happy now...everyone from facebook will not know you are on this site...unless you mention it...if that's your problem...however, you are a little unclear with what you are trying to say...did someone from here post a comment about you on facebook??? If you want to remain anonymous I think you are gooing about it wrong.

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