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    Is anyone as upset as I am that the "Big Oil Companies" have held our great nation captive? How long will wee continue to rely on auto makers to break away from the "Big Oil Companies" and produce transportation alternatives that have no need for oil products? Why is our government suppressing the ideas for personal transportation that have no need for oil based products? Does anyone else believe the only reason this great nation is still using oil based autos is because the "Big Oil Companies" have the money and power to control our lack of progress? Does anyone else believe there are many other ways for us to continue our lifestyle with transportation alternatives that could be produced at an affordable price with available refueling stations on as many corners as there are "Gas Stations"? When will we be set free from the grip and control of the "Big Oil Companies? Please take a moment to vote on my "Rant", it is important for me to know if others feel the same as I do...!

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    Hey Yankman58, important and wise question. Thanks for your vote. Here is another thumbs up for your important question.

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    It is all about money of coarse. We could cut our oil consumption by half in less than 10 years if we chose to. We need to take back OUR power that the government has taken from us. That will take the average American citizen to put their personal issues and preduses with each other aside and stand united to create this change. If not we will be still just complaining about this issue in another 20 years. It will take coordinated ACTION by the average American citizen to break free of this addiction we have for oil.

    Yes big business runs the world. Where do the politicians get their money to run for office? If you have ever run for public office or known someone who has, you would be disgusted how corrupt it really is. I've heard when prohibition was enacted into law it was partially put into place so that the gas and oil companies could put up their gas stations. That white lightning or wholegrain alcohol could run car engines. That would be the roots of bio-fuel and professional auto racing.

    Big oil companies are having record earnings, and putting commercials on t.v. about how they are pouring millions of dollars into research on bio fuels and green technology. Of coarse they are, don't you think they want to keep their monopoly on energy in the future?

    Yes I myself have been for a long time fed up with the big oil companies and the way our country just bows down to them and gives them anything they want I am very tired and fed up with it.


    Please join this grass-roots movement and express the overall views to your contact list. Just invite them to this forum so they can read, think and deside if they feel the same or simular way. We all need to spread the word as fast as we can, let's join together and try to make things happen. A fire can be started with just one spark...!

    Turn your attention also to the 'Big Food Companies' because they also have America hostage, oh not to mention Wallstreet and the bankers, but they just run the world.. =]

    I know all the Public Buses where I live run on Narural Gas. They have found a was to upgrade the pressure needed to fill their tanks. My local Power & Gas Company also run all of their fleet of various vehiecals on Natural Gas. Again they have no problems getting the Natural Gas into their tanks. I do not know what it cost them to get to the point they are at, but we all know the more units of any product that get sold drives down the price of each unit. It is all about supply and demand. If there was a strong market for the device needed to fill tanks at home or at Natural Gas filling stations, the cost of the units will go down very fast.

    Headless Man

    Its speculators that run up the price, but if we would start a drilling program and open the fields that are closed the price would drop before a bit hit the ground.


    You are right about the effect of speculators. But understand that the Big Oil Companies take advantage of the fear of the speculators, and that fear is based on what the speculators believe is going to happen overseas do to the civil unrest. The Big American Oil Companies do not have to Raise the price of a barrel of oil because of what is going on overseas, They bump the prices at the pump just to grab the "Big Profits", knowing that it is not costing them one cent more to pump the crude oil ot of the wells they have in operation.

    Not until we can Transport people like they did on Star-Trek, meanwhile let us take some of the restrictions off the oil companies so they can drill more and more gas and oil wells here so we don't have to import so much. And build more nuclear plants for electricity. Wake up AMERICA before it's too late.

    Headless Man

    Do you know what it cost to do this, I have free gas and would love to do this, conversion kit is knot that expense but to compress to 3000 lb. cost $5000 or more. Most well head pre. here is less 300#.


    Think about the fact that when the Saudi Oil Comapnies raise the price of a barrel of oil our very own American Oil Companies follow them and they to up the price. We know it is not costing the American Oil Companies one cent more to pump their oil so all they are is grabbing the profits and ripping off all Americans.


    we could with very little effort convert autos to run on natural gas. There is an abundant supply of natural gas and it would cost about one quarter the cost of gas. The same companies that control then gasoline also control the natural gas, it is in their best interest to keep Americans using the more expensive product just to allow themselves to again rip off all Americans.

    For the people that viewed my "Rant" please keep in mind that we must take a stand and spread the word, it is the only way we have a chance to create a group of like-minded people and the more we spread the word the greater our chance to make a difference. Please join me and pass this information on using any and every format you have available. Please stand up and be counted, I look forward to your help. Together we can make a difference....!

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