do you use teflon coated pans?

    I know it can kill birds. I don't have a bird. I'll probably get one today. answers?

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    Wife bought one when we got married, used it for a couple of years then it started going bad. It was not a cheap one either. I went to moms house and got her old Griswold cast iron skillet, cleaned it re-seasoned, it best thing for cooking we've got. I have since got several more different sizes. I would not waste the money on a coated skillet again
    if i get a cast iron skillet it will outlast me! I think cast iron is beautiful. It looks so much like Mom's house. (or grandmas) they come in all colors now, but I suppose they all turn black. I would hope so anyway.
    colleen~you're right. My nephew was at our house and we made fried eggs. the teflon wasn't in good shape and HE told me. ooooph! He ate the eggs and I suppose survived.
    after hearing what you and JDB have to say, I guess I'll pass the teflon by. actually I always use the cast iron skillet. It's my husband who uses the teflon.

    I imagine, one would probably have to ingest a lot of teflon before it affected them but why ingest it at all? Seems rather foolish to me.
    no, and why would anybody ask that?

    Because the Teflon is poisonous if ingested. A lot of people use metal spoons and spatulas on Teflon and scratch it, thus allowing flakes of Teflon to get into the food. Also if you cook with a teflon pan at too high a heat the fumes the teflon gives off can make you sick and kill birds you may have in the house, along with making other pets sick. So, I'm sure itsmee is just looking to see if others are so concerned with these issues, they quit using teflon.
    Hi itsmee, A properly seasoned cast iron skillet will be just as good as Teflon, you do have to use a little oil or butter though I use olive oil for almost everything. I know moms skillet is probably close to 70 years old and its used almost daily,

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