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    How might i deal with a sometimes sickening social anxiety?

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    A therapist can work with you over a period of time and try to find out what is the cause of your social anxiety and help you over come it. If it is biological you should see a psychiatrist who can and probably will prescribe you medication to help your condition. Ask if your suggested medication is addicting and then it your choice to take it or not. There are a few non-addicting anti=anxiety meds on the market as well. If you wish to know what meds are available to you for social anxiety and want to know if they are addicting or not send me an email or add a comment to this question and I will list them for you on the site. Good luck

    I understand the reason most people feel that medicating yourself will help, but it should be a last resort...we are all so over medicated these days.I have social anxiety as well. Before I go out I either read the daily news paper or watch the news to find a few things that are of interest to talk about. I think a good part of the anxiety is feeling you have nothing to offer, boring in other words. If it's a social gathering with a theme like sports...take the time to read up on the game and what is going on with scores and players. Having subject information gives you a little confidence in conversation skills. are the only one that may think your not worth talking to.I have found really interesting conversation pieces's a great source. Encouraging people to talk about themselves works well. I have learnt that people love to tell their stories...ask questions and let them know you are really interested in what they do or what they like. Sometimes just being a great listener with interest makes you a great conversationalist without talking much. People are fun and great if you can just get past the fear of it.

    social anxiety happens from fear and from allowing other people's energies to overcome your own. Also there is a chance that things have happened in your past to make you stop trusting people; like people made fun of you, and now you are scared of people who look like your abusers of the past.. find out what that could be and if you do, try to understand their situation and forgive them in doing so... and things can only get better. If it is to do with people's energies overcoming your own, it is still related to the fear of the past.. but the past is gone, must learn to live in the now and release that burden.

    Self confidence online course. try it! its free too.

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