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    Why are we the British people so stupid. We allow kids in school to rule the roost, we allow people into the country who have no desire to work, we give fortunes away when we have a struggling economy at home. Look what's happening in Africa? is this about to spread to UK???

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    What every one is saying is true I cant belive that we all bow down to children they get treated like princes and princeses I went Boarding school and it was children should be seen but not heard as far as the emigration as you say we get pissed on everyday and we are now going to pay for it if now or in the future anyway I could start wrighting a book on this subject but you would proberly start falling a sleep good question Mel
    Australia is following you, love. We have too many refugees coming in who do not care for our way of life. Then we have enclaves as in Britain, who shoot at each other's homes at night. One crowd managed to steal,from an army base, seven ground to air missiles or rockets. They were going to blow away somebody's house. The police, I think, only recovered two of the devices. How's that for starters? Every week, five carloads of Anglo-Saxons move from New South Wales to some other State.
    I agree with all the above and I, like bulletman, am angry that our government does not clamp down on immigration. One problem we have is New Zealand, don`t get me wrong I look upon New Zealanders as brothers and sisters. BUT It is much easier to get to live in New Zealand than Australia BUT after someone has lived in New Zealand for a year they can get into Australia. So lots of people who would possibly not have been allowed in to OZ are coming in through the back door of NZ.
    The worlds do gooders who say open your doors to everyone do not realise the do badders they are pampering too.

    the UK is basically fcuked! that's why OZ had 50'000 immigration applications from there last year.
    the human rights legislation has gotten well out of hand! and the UK seems to be the only EU country that adheres to it, the rest don't give a shit

    I would protest but i can't be bothered.

    eggplant has got it right, australia is slowly losing the image of the lucky country. i'm angry and ashamed that our allowing this to happen. it's a bloody sore point with me!
    There's always New Zealand of course, mind you, our Islamic friends are increasing there, and Samoans who form a large part of the prison population.

    The British are not APATHETIC. We are a law abiding nation who believe in democracy. We are the envy of the world.We support the state when it comes to the crunch.We have a problem however we do like a good moan.   All the best Fred

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