Why doesnt the Government just outlaw tobacco if its so dangerous to health?

    Why do they gotta play these games by raising taxes on them so high, banning smoking in public places, putting warnings on them that say it will kill you, advertise sickening commercials on tv about how deadly smoking is but still allow grocery stores, gas stations, newsstands and pharmacies to sell them to anyone over 18 that wants to pay crazy prices for them?

    If the Government can ban four loco, ivory wave, k2, salvia, trans fan, ecigs, products with led in them, food with bacteria diseases in them cause of our safety, why do they still keep tobacco legal if it kills so many people? It doesnt make sense!

    Even in NYC where you cant even smoke anywhere in the city, why are cigarettes still sold in the stores? Whats the reason for why for decades we all know how deadly they are, it still hasnt been banned from being sold? Even with all the warnings, taxes and smoking bans, theres still people dumb enough to buy them. If the Government, health nazis and Bloomberg really wanted people to stop smoking, why not take them off the market and make tobacco an illegal schedule 1 substance like heroin and meth?

    Cigarettes are at insane prices of close to $20 or more for one pack in NYC and gas stations and convenience stores still sell them despite the crazy prices. Now they wanna play another game by not allowing businesses to advertise them and take off the colorful packages, but they are still allowed to be sold!

    Whats the deal with that? Why waste time going through all this instead of outlawing it all together?

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    I don't want to offend you so I hope you will think more on this statement before responding, if we let the government take away all the stuff that's bad for us what do we have left??????? No sugar, no soda, no coffee, no cars that can drive over the speed limit, no guns, alcohol, no prescription drugs, no cats, because many people are allergic to them. Do you see where I am going with this?

    When you make things illegal, you loose your right to choose what you want to do. I lost my Stepfather to cancer, he smoked, but it wasn't lung cancer. It made him happy to smoke although he quit once he got sick, but it was still his body and his choice.

    When you give up your freedoms in the name of safety, you don't deserve the freedom that many have died to protect. Look up the quotes of Benjamin Franklin's quotes before you answer.


    Cigarettes are not just bad for us it's like a serial killer that no one knows who to blame; the government, the consumer or the actual cigarette itself but not many people see that today because they are blinded by all the profit they are gaining from people dying from smoking. If the government illegalized it then the government would lose money and apparently its "money is what makes the world go round"

    The TAXES. Cigarette tax money supplies city, state and national coffers. If they eliminated cigarette's they would be closing down a major cash cow. Then government would have to find ANOTHER consumer commodity to tax to make up the difference. Most likely gas.


    Not only cigarettes R taxed heavily but so R booze, and gasoline! Like TSC says city, state&federal wants the revenue.

    I smoked for 32 years.My DAD smoked for about 60 and were in great shape.They can't make medicine that doesn't kill you.But it's okay to drink i had a 16 year old friend.First time he drank alcohol he got killed in car accident.I would rather see a person coming in the other lane smoking a cigarette.Rather then drinking a bottle of whiskey.


    Your house must be full of smoke if you and your Dad have been smoking that long. When I was a smoker I used to have a break between cigaretts.

    Its in my eyes its a drug and its addictive and the government are putting peoples lifes at risk it should be made alegal just like my spelling, sorry i couldent spell alegal but im sure its wrong sos

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