Who else is tired of these "one hit wonders" on this site? After scrolling through the recent questions, that's all I see: people asking one question or more , no answers and they seem to just disappear afterwards. I have an idea to give the people on here a break who really do care about others and that is: one would have to be required to answers say 5 or so questions first before asking one themselves. Anyone agree or have addional ideas or comments to this? Answers will be appreciated...tha

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    ole hipster

    should read after th.....thanks for reading my question...don't know what happened there! (:

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    OH, I know just how you feel. That's why I just add a link to get them off here and onto another website. Hope it doesn't offend anyone here, but it's just too much work to keep typing long explanations for things that they probably don't care about in the first place.

    I'd almost rather answer the questions about where my size 16 dress that I ordered three weeks ago is.
    Q & A routing to prior answers like the help menu on many systems would help reduce confusion and route to other sites like any decent search engine. Of course that wouldn’t give us as much opportunity to provide a personal touch which we enjoy here. But I have seen examples of this forum and search engine integration in Linux territory but theirs was tight about subjective skills. Like if you are talking about a specific subject there are moderators who kill the small talk and magic land wanderings we see here. I’m sure this and other sites like this will naturally evolve and our suggestions we see here may or may not find a way to consideration by the gods of our presence here.
    ole hipster

    You speak with wisdom robertgrist! (:
    I believe that a large number of the questions that don't make sense to us are from well-meaning people that think they are on a different site asking perfectly logical questions. This, of course, doesn't include the one's that are put here for shock purposes.
    ole hipster

    Yup, know what you mean as I answered another question earlier and I spoke of the little "Ask a question" icon on the top roles of ones' homepage..people think we're something else than AKAQA..some folks don't really see what's in front of them I guess...(:
    unfortunitly school is out so i guess we can expect more of these type questions, i said in another tread its like turning in a term paper without a teacher.its easy to skip over them but we do need somthing to laugh is most annoying when you get no responce at all.perhaps we should consider ourselfs an online baby sitting center without the rewards!

    No thanks and no thumbs up either.

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