what in the heck did the goverment do with all the millions they borrowed from social security over the last forty years?

    I remember that they borrowed toget other dept.s out of trouble,and were supposed to pay it back. what happened to it.?

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    Politians use our money to enrich themselfes. They do not care about anyone else. Our Governments spending is like a run-away train that is going to crash. We need to stop voting for these career politians and limit theire time in the Senate and Congress.
    they'll never pay it back . That's why George Bush the 2nd used to say we're running out of Soc Sec. That worries me , b/c I'm getting Soc Sec. and it's my major income .
    At one time, the major auto industries stole their employee's pension funds. And they told the soon -to- be- retirees that they weren't going to get their pensions, even tho it was in their contracts. So , the employees took the corporations to court and WON! Yay! But, i guess since the money wasn't there, that's why the price of cars went up so drastically. That was back in the later 80s.
    Who knows anymore what happened to all those particular monies...can't really trust anything you hear or read nor can you really trust politicians about matters such as these. I'd also like to know what happened to all the lottery money that has supposedly being given to the public schools here in Illinois...all I see anymore are brand spanking new schools here being built for the new immigrants...something is wrong with that picture as the old neighborhood schools here in Chicago look the same as they did to be over 50 years ago if not worse....I do tend to go on at times...sorry (: My chest is lighter now!
    what else they lent it out to every other country with no retirement plan so that we might have a future in chinese imports
    They spent it in Iraq and Afghanistan and they'll spend the rest on Libya and Syria...
    What the government does best .... They spent it. BTW, I think it is in the Billions.
    Congress spent it on their pet projects. (and still are)

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