111 what dose it mean

    one hundred eleven, room 111, the time 11:11, change $11.00 ect keep showing up with me in the last three weeks. dose it mean anything?

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    Yes, it means report to room 111, at 11:00am bring me the 11 bucks you owe me. (does) :)

    William Luna

    1, 11, 11;11 has no joke showed up at least 5 times since i asked

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    I think you should get up out of bed at 11AM, call the cab company ask for taxi number 111, when he picks you up, tell him to take 11th street to the horse race track, let you off at gate 11, go to bet window #11, bet $11.00 on horse number 11 in the 11th race...

    Nah, forget all that, the horse will probably come in 11th...

    hmmm, maybe it means something, maybe it's just your new lucky number, maybe it was just a coincidence, maybe just has so much maybes that you can never know which one it is, so LET TIME DECIDE and maybe , again maybe you'll find the answer ;] good luck

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