what to look for when buying a laptop

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    Quality of Expert says, a decent'll have to shop around and ask others who have laptops that you know...I'm sure they'll give you some advice. Just don't go without doing research and get hoodwinked by some fast talking salesperson...(:
    Best not to buy the cheapest. I find Toshiba to have a good product. Look for features first and price second (but stay away from the cheap brands). I have no problem with buying from the "super stores".

    I agree. Have Toshiba myself. 5 yrs. Not one problem
    I would not buy one from a super store again, a friend has the same puter I have, he bought his from a computer store mine from a super store{wall-mart} and he has a lot less problems with his. there both the same age and I've had to reformat mine several times compared to none for him. Like I said there the same, Satellite A205's

    I bought my HP Pavilion at WalMart two years ago and haven't had any problems with it at all.

    6dogs good, I hope it never does give you any problems I've had the recovery disk in mine 5 times, a little over once a year I've had two Toshiba's before and never had any problem with them, but this one gives me fits ,a lot..

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