who knows how to stand on there head

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    yes im doing it as i type,do the dishes and vacume, its really not that hard once you learn...
    ole hipster

    I'm glad to see that you are multi-tasking!
    I do that every morning, it helps with getting my brains out of my butt and into my head..
    ole hipster're funny Vinny! (:
    I could do it when I was younger (as a matter of fact, I could do a lot of things when I was younger that I can't do now!) Now the only time I can imagine even getting close to standing on my head is when I know the world is going to end and I sit down, put my head between my knees and kiss my ass goodbye!

    That is funny!
    ole hipster

    Thanks...don't you just love humor? Makes my world go around! (:
    Nope, i just tried and
    ole hipster

    Yup....just got a visual of you attempting it also, of course surrounded by your Earl says to say hello to your pythons...(:

    Oh and how is he?...mine are not sociable atm,but give him a little pat from me.
    ole hipster

    Earl is fine and pats you back! (:
    Last time I stood on my head was when I fell down a flight of steps head first.

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