What is your best childhood memory that you'd like to share?

    Also, what's the worst memory that you'd care to relate?

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    Sitting in our little general store eating a candy bar and drinking a coke, {You could buy both for 50 cents}, or if we would scrounge for returnable bottles would even be cheaper, listening to the old man who owned the place tell us story's of his life long ago.
    country bumpkin

    I LOVE THIS!!!
    I loved.... The smell of a pine tree decorated at my grandmothers house for christmas.To smell one now takes me back 40 years.
    ole hipster

    Isn't it great to trip down memory lane? (:
    My best friend. We shared everthing and were more like sisters.
    She died in a car accident when she was 32 yrs. old.
    ole hipster

    Sorry to hear that about your friend and I'm sorry if my question brought up any painful's hard to lose a really good friend (:

    Thank you ole hipster. I will never forget her.
    Being at my grandparents camp in the summer, going swimming every day, eating all the good food my grandmother cooked. It was so nice to be away from our house in town where it was always hot and humid.

    The worst was being old enough to understand what really happens when your cat gets run over.
    ole hipster

    Thanks for answering...your story was great...aren't good childhood memories lovely? (:
    You know, I can't remember any special good times or bad times, guess that's good.
    ole hipster

    So, you suffer from long term memory loss, huh RP? Just kidding of are you doing...I hope you are well and as happy as you can be!
    Headless Man

    Might be memory loss, I
    All well with me, hope all is well there.
    ole hipster

    Doing OK RP...glad to know you're doing well (:
    Guess it would have to be meeting the neighborhood kids at the creek to swim. Always determined that Memorial Day weekend was the beginning time for swimming, even though the water was just above freezing.
    Worst memory: Had to spend an hour weeding the garden before going swimming.
    ole hipster

    Those were the days, huh? (:

    Yes Hipster, I really struggled with this question because there were so many to choose from. Some of the other answers here reminded me of more .... sigh ...
    bike riding with my friends till my bike got stolen
    My rear end is starting to hurt just thinking about where the old man put his shoe, because of the countless stupid things I've done while a kid. Wonder if his ankle ever hurt.
    ole hipster

    Funny as always ed shank! (: Be he dead or alive I bet his ankle still hurts!
    My best memories are probably those where I was spoiled rotten by the regular customers when my Dad owned a bar in Chicago...worst memory probably was when my parents divorced when I was 5 and going to live with the man who became my stepfather. He's been long dead and was not a good man in any way, shape or form. Such is life, huh?
    Mine would be of my family camping trip before my Dad passed away. We went to the Blue Ridge Mountains to one of his friends Christmas tree farms. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, we had a wonderful vacation.

    We stayed in the log cabin, but also set up a campsite near the lakes if we wanted to sleep outside. The lakes were crystal clear, you could see the bottom and drink out of the lake if you wanted.

    There was a pipe coming out of the mountain side that had ice cold spring water, the best I've ever tasted. The air was so fresh, there were beautiful pine trees everywhere, and you could see every star in the sky at night. It was the best time my family ever had together.


    In November of 1960, I went through the Blue Ridge mountains for the first time and decided that was where I wanted to move to. 35 years later I went through there again and wondered why I hadn't moved there yet. I'm still wondering .....

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