my husband dosnt loves me but l love him what should l do

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    What makes you say your husband doesn't love you? Are you suffering? is your patience running out? or does he mistreat you?
    Are you really sure he doesn't care even a little bit? Your completely sure now,Well I wouldn't bet my bottom dollar!
    How do you know if he really doesn't love you? Does he tell you that? Or is it just a feeling you have? How long have you been together? If he does not love you why do you two even stay together?
    sorry to say you cant force some one to love you back,but that dosen't mean you cant try,hope fully its not a not another love; meaning any thing really , alcohol cars ,sports...they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. how would he feel if suddenly you wern't their, lonely no doubt.if you love him like you say tell him just how you feel, some people take too much for granite, how about a marriage counciler if its in your means...

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