ways to get lawn accounts

    with this economy, getting new lawn accounts is tough. my prices are realistic. my work is good. any suggestions on getting some new accounts.....reasonably???

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    Take pictures of your work, before and after. Use these pictures as a portfolio to show others what you can do. Provide a receipt for the money you receive. Dress neatly and cleanly. Your vehicle and tools should also be neat and clean. Do not smoke, chew gum or tobacco and don't drink alcohol. Wear safety glasses. Walk over a lawn before cutting to remove things that may be caught in your equipment like a child's toys or dog poop. Don't use profanity even if the client does. Bring your own porta-potty so you won't have to ask to use the clients toilet. Provide a magnetic business card with nice art on it. Get a service to answer the phone and provide scheduling for you. Keep records of your clients and note their preferences. Safety first.

    I do not know where you live but I would have some business cards printed up and/or flyers advertising your work and what all you do and your prices as I know myself people are all the time looking for someone that does this reasonably and for someone that is dependable and responsible. That would be my suggestion. Also some places have like where I live this thing called Buy/Sell Bulletin you can advertise in free and I have had great success in finding things and selling things in this and the ads are usually free to the one advertising. Also you could ask about placing some of your business cards and/or flyers in convenience/gas stations and local grocery stores and the like. I have seen that before. Once people realize that you are responsible, reliable, depenendable and reasonable and do good work they will tell others and your business should pick up quite a lot. Good luck and wish you lived near me as it is hard now days to find someone that is reasonble and reliable and dependable and does good work. May God bless.

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