Do seagulls have black heads for the first few weeks after their birth?

    I notice that seaguls do in fact have a complete black head for a period of time just after birth. Do you know when start and end the black head period? Thank you very much

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    Checked on this and it is Yes, they do until about 7 weeks after birth or until they try to start flying.
    country bumpkin

    I'm not quite awake yet,my first thought was oxy pads.
    Thank you very much professor. One of my friends told me that I was confusing seagulls with terns. I said no. While sailing on Lake Michigan, I have noticed that small baby-like seagulls hanging around the seawall (and seen them flying) with complete black heads, and after a periof of a week or so, their head become fully white. Thank you professor.

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