Marry again? Would you?

    I am just guessing that the author of the question is saying, after you go through a painful divorce, would you re-marry again, or would you be so disgruntled with marriage, that you would swear it off for life?

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    Not me I do not ever want to get married again tried it did not work do not want to go there again.

    Headless Man

    If the right woman comes along it's ok, believe me I know.


    Wow Darci, sorry to hear that. I understand how you feel though. It's difficult to truly find your soul mate, but I'm sure he's out there waiting for you to be ready for him. Maybe the right man will convince you to re-marry someday?

    Life drudges on..we all fall in or out of love if we are lucky enough to get that yes, remarry...I've done it twice and with no regrets...time heals all wounds ( and for those of you who do not believe this, I hope you live and love long enough to experience the same)

    A bad marriage will lead you to a good marriage, with GOD in your life you can be happy again. Love, Randy

    I think part of the problem is when a divorce happens, people mostly blame the spouse, we need to look at ourselves as well. The time after a relationship should be spent getting to know yourself.

    If we can take the time between relationships to improve our character and learn about ourselves, we would have a much higher percent of successful marriages. Taking time to know your self and improving on our faults, realizing that it's not just the other persons fault, is a good start.

    I have heard from people who have been married 3 or more time before and they always blame the other person or they say they jumped in before they got to know the person. People just need to take more time to know themselves and to get to know their boyfriend or girlfriend.

    I was married for a very rocky 29 years then divorced.
    A year later I married what became my soul mate, but became a widower 8 short years later.
    Two years later I married my third (and present) wife.
    Yep ... I'd do it all over again.

    I always feel bad when I hear of a couples divorce. Some times two people are just wrong for each other. I do believe if you loved once you can love again. I myself would try to recaptured that feeling with someone else if my present marriage failed.

    I did and I have the most wonderful wife. 3 years now and so happy. Prob because I have her just where she wants me.Ha

    Yes I would marry point designing my future by past events. I think I would go about the entire relationship differently as you learn many things about yourself when you go through difficult times.

    Whats the question here, or am I brain stunted?


    okay I understand it I just look like an

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