Why did the cigarette price jump up so much more than what the tax increase is?

    Recently I was paying just $7 for my pack of Newports in New York state. As if that wasnt high enough, the a******* in office raised the already outrageous tax of $2.75 and raised it to $4.35. (a $1.60 cent increase in TAX for each pack).

    How come the price of cigarettes is now $11.50 at the cheapest store for cigarettes when that same store charged %7? The tax hike shouldve only pushed the price to %8.60 but theres NOTHING UNDER 10 DOLLARS even for the CHEAPEST pack anyone in my area!!! This is outrageous!

    A month ago I drove to Florida from New York and the prices there are only $4 to $5 for the SAME THING that cost me $11.50 here? What lucky bastards.

    How come the price suddenly jumped almost 5 dollars when the tax hike was only 1 dollar and 60 cents? I cant afford this shit anymore and want my Newports! Now I gotta take out money that wouldve bought other things just so I can enjoy my cigarettes. I dont care if might kill me or not, thats irrelevant. Im worse off and pissed!!! What will the Government do tax to make me even poorer? Raise the gas tax? Raise the tax on my beer or soda or junk food?

    What has NY and their out of control taxes doing to help anyone? Especially when they tax poor people like this? I see no difference or improvements in anything in any of the things taxes pay for.

    All I know is im poorer now thanks to Bloomberg and Cuomo!! I hope somebody drops a nuclear bomb on them.

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    They're trying to deter people from smoking and to make some "easy" revenue! Cigarettes here in Chicago are up to $8 a pack, we're about the highest I've heard. (Don't know if that's true but everything here is outrageous!)

    I heard they use the tax money to fix our roads.I almost lost my van in a pothole today so where is our money.

    There are federal and state taxes attached to each pack. The federal taxes are same on every pack. Its the state tax that make your packs in N.Y. $5 or $6 dollars more a pack.

    to pay for the law suits when people get cancer and sue

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