The most important question - WHY?

    What is the ultimate purpose of the life of a human being on this Earth?

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    wise man

    to procreate.

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    not to trash the planet, reproduce, learn,

    I also believe that part of our purpose is to find God but I believe there is so much more than that. Why is it that we are all given certain gifts along with our lives? This to me is like the class room for our spirits to have chance at human experience. To learn what it is to be human and use these gifts given to help others in their journey here as well. I think life is a gift that each one of us wanted.

    To get restored again into the kingdom of God.

    Is to learn from all direction!!!

    Answering my own question - In the first place, there is so much injustice on earth - that has to be righted elsewhere. Man/woman is created for happiness. An optimum amount of wealth produces security and staves off unhappiness and even brings contentment but perfect happiness requires an absence of unhappy memories and a perfect balance of the dualism - the fulfillment of one's own just desires and the fulfillment of one's obligations to society. Each day doing everything required of one does not necessarily give pleasure, but it certainly promotes happiness. The best antidote to depression is [since I speak from a Christian background] to seek to do God's will every day - with his help and just do that. Perfect happiness in the Christian viewpoint requires amongst other things permanence [eternity], a sense of deservedness, a unity of spirit with others and ultimately is the vision of God. Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote down all about happiness far better than I could ever express this matter in his Summae Theologica. There is an amusing quote from the late Ingrid Bergman: " Happiness is having good health and a bad memory ". Death ensures the deletion of all bad memories. In Heaven - the goal of all human life - everything will be present for perfect happiness. There is another place - the very antithesis of Heaven - the Bible warns us all about that dreadful place and tells us how to avoid it. The Bible also tells us that anyone with even the least humility - a moral virtue - would never go to Hell. Once, in casual conversation, someone wished that a well known politician should " burn in Hell ". I thought what an impious thought, and said a prayer for that person and the politician - that this scenario would never happen.

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