is it safe for your boyfriend to be mad at you and some one else?

    My boyfriend is mad at me and my ex because we are still talking and he is getting really mad at me right now. am i safe from harm even if he doesn't live with me

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    The fact that you are asking if you are safe from harm leads me to think that there is something about him when he gets mad that scares you.
    The fact that he has a violent past is concerning.
    The fact that he is angry with you because you are speaking with a former boyfriend shows he is jealous of that relationship and may be an indicator of controlling behaviors.

    Abusive men tend to be controlling, jealous (even if no reason to be) and violent. They will also blame the victim for their own aggression.
    Abusive men (and women too) do not take responsiblity for their own behaviors.

    Do some Googling on signs of abusive relationships and see if he fits any of the characteristics of an abuser. Educate yourself. :)

    caroline says "the fact that you are asking if you are safe from harm leads me to think that there is something about him when he gets mad that scares you." when i read your question i had the exact same thought.i think he's not safe. be very careful. tell your parents! thumbs up for caroline.
    Sweetie. Dump him before you end up a battered wife/partner. I have a friend who started with a guy like this... mostly ok... good sex... quite romantic... Now she's in a hell of a mess fighting in the courts to keep their 2 young kids after he "lost it" with them too. He doesn't want them, but it's his way of hurting her now he can't thump her behind closed doors. He won't be satisfied with you living with your parents forever, and then what? Calling 911 only works if you have the guts to do it... & the first thing they knock out of you is guts... you'd be too damn scared to use a mobile in the loo.
    Only you can answer that question. Does he have a violent history? Has he ever hit you? Does he engage in verbal abuse? If you are afraid you can always call 911 to have police come to your house. You do not have to answer the door or let him in when he comes by, either.
    i would dump him, he could be violent towards you. if you feel any kind of threatening behaviour from him, you should dump him straight away. what attracted you to him in the first place?you should not waste your energy on a guy who flips the whole time
    i know the same here
    no i have never said that my ex would never hurt me because i knew he would if i would have given him the chance to
    my new bf would not do anything to harm me ever
    can't its a college program that gets me 2 free years to Cowley Community College in Ark City Kansas.
    i would but every time i turn around he is right there so i can't get rid of the ex. we are in the same program.
    i know but i love him and he is keeping me safe
    i have it all figured out its just those 2 hate each other because one treated me bad and the other didn't like it so they are enimies.... and its over me

    Violence is a no, even if it is cos the guy's jealous... can seem very flattering... why risk it? The horror story I told is true, & only part of it. Nobody needs that shit.
    no he is just getting really mad because i want to be friends with my ex boyfriend and with wat the ex put me through he doesn't want me any where near him.
    he doesn't always flip out.... its just that my ex is still in the picture and everything and he is trying to get rid of the ex.
    ok i will thanks
    he has a violent past but he has never hit me or any abuse... he doesn't even live with me i live with my parents
    Maybe be boyfriendless for a while until you figure it all out ....
    sounds as if you may have a low self esteem, been there married a guy who never hit me nor was abusive until the ring went on my finger, ended up having to move away to a safe place and involvement with the police.....tread very carefully and take care

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