how tall will i be. my dad is 5'9 and my mom is 5'1. my dad is more of a wiry type and my mom is kinda on the hefty side. im not built like my dad or my mom. I am built like my uncles on my moms side and they are kinda buff like me. but they are like 6.0ft and 5'11. im 5'5 and i just turned 15 years old. Can someone give me an estimate on how tall i will be when i grow up.

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    Men will typically be taller than their parents.
    don't worry. You will be alot taller. When my brother and his frineds were in the 9th grade, they shot up , almost overnight.One of these days, everyone will say, " You're so much taller !!. or " You're getting so tall!! "
    Your chances are good, b/c your dad and your uncles are 5'9'' and 6 ft.
    Abraham Lincoln said a man's legs only need to be long enough for his feet to touch the ground.
    G.T. don't worry about it to much, I'm sure you will be taller than your parents, both my brothers and I are taller than our dad.

    Enjoy being a kid for a while, soon enough you will have to work for a living and pay all the bills we adults have to deal with. Hope you reach six feet tall. good luck.
    I reckon you'll be about 5'11". That's just my estimate.

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