Interview at Walmart? Did I do wrong?

    There is one question I don't know how to answer. That is when the interviewer asks "the cashier" person if you were very busy and stacked up with customers, what do you do? What do you answer? Maybe that is where I messed up?? I was the only cashier where I worked before that interview and the only thing I could do was speed up carefully and concentrate on what I was doing. Be fast and pleasant to each one in line. What else is there? Are you supposed to answer that you would ask for help?? I don't know! Of course, before the interview was over, the person who was talking to me got interupted and had to leave. I had no control over that. I am still trying to get on there because I have to leave where I am. It is a temp job.

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    Notify your supervisor of the back up. In other words, ask for help.


    I've noiced that when I am waiting in line with more than 3 customers the supervisor calls for another cashier to come. Our Walmart store is small by most and we have up to 16 cashiers. It is very seldom that is too busy that you can't get out in a short time. They are good!
    How does a person fail an interview at Walmart??

    I think I would have picked up the house intercom and said...

    "Attention Walmart cashiers, get your lazy asses up here and give me a hand, lunch break is over..."

    If you would have said this you would have got the job, I'm sure of it, possibly management position.. Or perhaps 'Door Nazi' if cashier and management positions are not available.. :)
    ed shank

    Vinny, your a pisser.

    I failed to get the job. My interview was not completed when the interviewer was called away and it ended. My arm was also in a splint. I was in PAIN and it was hard to smile!

    Ouch, sorry about your arm... In an interview, sometimes you must look for the answer they would want-- In this case, I would think they wanted you to request help at the cashier's station, not speed up.. 'haste makes waste'.. Why your interviewer stepped out on you is also questionable, I would request another interview. Obviously your arm is in a sling, this may hamper your 'immediate' hire and when they are interviewing, this means they are looking for immediate hires. Give it another shot! Good luck!
    Walmart has front end managers, they should notice if someone's line is backed up and check to see if help is needed. Personally I think either answer is good.
    i dont know how it works where you are but in walmart here they have this kiosk where you apply for the job on computer. it takes an hour at least. they ask questions on that thin that make you feel you are on a written interview.

    I keep a current application on computer from home. A friend told me about it and I have been doing that. Just go to and then careers to apply. It is so easy.
    well why wait for a call back, id go back and ask the manager for a new interveiw or at least an explanation about your potential status,its shows enthusiasm and ready to work secret is to dress like your ready to start work imidately..

    I called about a week after and asked if the job had been filled. The HR person said yes.

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