I tried to make a call but Magic says my subscription expired but

    My subscription was for 5 years (INTERNET PHONE ORDER 3/5/10 Plus 5 years $119) My MagicJack Phone no: 360-353-4486 started 3/13/2010. Will you please check again?

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    I think most people that tried Magic Jack will find that they did a pretty good job with marketing...and that's about the extent of it. On a personal level, I think Magic Jack has the poorest quality of service and follow-up from a comapny that I have ever saw in my life. I think they deliver just enough on their promises, that it keeps them out of jail for they chuckle while continueing to take people's money, until the day comes when everyone knows what kind of scam artists they are!
    This is not the Magic Jack Co. You have reached the, "We Don't Know Jack Co". Sorry for the confusion, this happens often.

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