Is there a statue of limitations for filing a probate court decsion appeal?

    My sisters's Keogh plan distribution was tried in Probate court. The Probate court made the decision that the estate should receive the Keogh and that it was separate from the Ex husband per the divorce decree. The Ex husband filed a civil summons to have this decisionried in Superior Court in Stamford. The orginal date of the Probate decision was March 2008 the summons was filed March 28, 2008 for an April hearing. The date was agreed to be postponed by both lawyers no new date was set. The filing party does not want to settle. If no action is taken what will happen will the case be cancelled. Can the estate be settled and closed?

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    Since laws vary from country to country and we are volunteers (not lawyers) I think you should contact one and get accurate information.

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