i rent a duplex from a landlord who lives out of state. he hired someone to build new steps on the front of the property. the old steps were made of concrete and fiberglass. the man he hired left a cement slab partially on the sidewalk and the front grass. my son was running up to the front steps in the dark, triped over the cement block and fractured his ankle. My question is: is the landlord responsible for all medical bills for this incident? he offered me an apology but nothing else when i t

    when i told him about it.

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    maybe the guy who left the cement slab on the sidewalk and grass is responsible.
    I sure do think one or the other should be responsible for the medical bills.
    good luck.
    why not go after both, regardless of who's responciple, your cahnces are double of some kind of satisfaction
    He should have 'Public Liability' insurance to cover you.
    If you go after your landlord, he will most likely go after the builder in return if he has no insurance. I would imagine he would have a liability insurance being he is a landlord.
    tommy ... than you do think the landlord is responsible?

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