christians do not celebrate halloween

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    to the true orthadox christian the answer is no, they celebrate all saints day or harvest, as for myself being a christian i see no harm in letting the kids have some fun,dressing up.collecting candy troting through the neighborhood and just being kids same thing as christmas. hopefully when they grow up they can discern what they want to beleive is right until then let them enjoy their childhood...
    ed shank

    Very well said.

    I agree with your answer - so very good!

    Yes we do.....

    As a child we had lots of fun on Halloween. We went door to door and collected a near lethal over-dose of sweet treats every year followed by an evening of candy stuffing down our throats until we puked, then went to bed and horrible dreams to awaken the next day with a painful headache, dizzy and thirsty for water and then puke again and take more aspirin and back to bed. It’s a miracle that we survived. 

    I know lots of christian families who celebrate halloween. It's pumpkins, fairy dresses, pirates, candy, candy, candy, and trick or treat.
    I had a preschool class once and tried to celebrate the harvest. we studied life on a farm, animals, and of course the ripened crops.
    oh, how the kids hated that Halloween. If they'd been older they would have fired me as their teacher.

    Does Halloween have to have a religion too!


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    Um ... I hate to burst your little bubble there, but The name "Halloween" comes from the All Saints Day celebration of the early Christian church, which was a day set aside for the solemn remembrance of the martyrs.  Look what happened to the celebration of Jesus' birth! Christmas today is far afield from the earlier, more sacred holiday. At the very least, as a Christian you could or should pay your respects to the Christian martyrs.


    Thank you winfia did not know this, Halloween is just too scary(in my mind not physically) for me but fun for the kids. Too right I probably have been living in a bubble especially these days and sometimes like it like that - do you really hate to burst it? Oh there goes the first fireworks now 11.20pm in London and one hour later - no more - animals will not be so scared until we get to Guy Faulks night.

    I read that it was a pagan celebration for the devil, that's why fanatics hate it.

    They   don't? ...................................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!     (  : ^ 0        


    candy corn, slugger?

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