why are humans more intelligent than any other species, yet we have only evolved for a short period


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    Who says humans are more intellegent??????

    humans are more evolved than animal life because of the sophistication of our vibrational pattern. Animals vibrate on a lower frequency then ourselves, and it is directly related to intelligence.. With humans, there is a constant threat of suppression of this vibrational intelligence by various means including our diet.. fear is the lowest kind of frequency.. even though there is an overall conscious frequency range connecting humans, some will ascend higher in their lifetime then others, depending on the speed of their own spiritual evolution.. but for a species to evolve it takes a lot longer, especially with suppressing forces...

    I don't think humans evolved on this planet, I think they were put here. Things don't line up.

    Humans intelligence according to researchers tell us it is to do with having more neurons in the brain than most other species. We tend to use our brains to increase the knowledge for us to survive in a competitive world. The more we learn the more intelligent we become be it only that we have evolved in just a short space in time. Eventually by looking further into space & time may ensure the survival of the human race maybe on other planets.We are all getting more intelligent as time goes on.



    Yes , but why should humans have the extra neurons, there are species that have been round longer than us, some since the dinosaurs,e.g. crocodiles. Or have we been partialy created and partialy evolved. Created by who? well most religions belive we were created from the Gods that live in heavan (aliens).? why?

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