When a convict is to executed by lethal injection, why do they bother to sterilize the needles?

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    I've wondered the same myself so I researched.

    In case there's a last second stay of execution and the needle for the drip has already been inserted into the skin. A contaminated needle could infect the person. Then there's the legal matter where cause of death has to be due to lethal injection and not some fast killing virus on the needle.

    If they are going to hang them do they wash the rope lol



    Could be why we don't hang people anymore...that and the fact the some survived the hanging so had to be hanged twice.


    talk about well hung


    That's a good 1 Daren, LOL!


    Wasent a good one for person who had to be hanged twice.

    Sounds like an argument for an idiot attorney
    Habit? It has to be done by somebody qualified to do it properly.

    There are two things wrong with the death penalty.

    The Americans leave people cluttering up death row.

    In Britain we abolished it and overfill our prisons, giving a clear signal to anyone intent on murder that they can go ahead without danger of losing their own life.

    The problem with the death penalty in the USA is how it's(or rather isn't) beeing inforced.
    If it was me, I'd use the needle from the last execution. In fact, I'd use the same needle for all of them!!

    you should be working with the Treasury, you could save lots of $$$$$$$$

    eggplant, you want to put them on conver belt, and jab, jab, etc.

    Well, that's one way to save the government money. Less inmates the better. Especially murderers, rapists and drug dealers.

    Dolly, That was very darkly hilarious. You could make movies, girl.
    Most likely the needles are pre-sterlized & are in a sterile package when purchased.
    Needles come from the mfg. prepackaged and sterileized
    old habits are hard to break
    Yeah, I know. I am sure I'd do a better job.

    Very interesting its not like they are gonna still be around to contact any infection .....



    "In case there's a last second stay of execution after the needle has already been inserted into the skin but before the lethal mix is given."

    If it was a dirty needle, then the person could be infected.


    What a shame. I'd give'm a second one. What about their victim?
    It's stopped raining. Hooray!

    Well you can bet your sweet bippy we as the public and our taxes pay big money for the sterilization of that dang needle.

    If they don't sterilize the needle the convict could get aids. ?Duh

    if their got death penalty it must be for a reason meaning that person was a verry veryy veery bad person :(

    Very good observation, never actually thought that way.

    Good queston if the need might be used for a long period of time for this purpose then it really doesn't need to be steralized!YUCK!!!!

    They don't want to be sued for injecting unsafe needles.
    to appease their own guilt lol


    this is called a generic application of "Harm minimisation strategy"!
    First why do you ask that question when a human life will be exterminated. Do you mind to be contagious by a germ or by a drug?I think there are another forms of death that kill you being alive and maybe don't worry about that question unless you will be the person who is killing the convicted. Ask the proffesional health care to take the rigth measures. Of course if you will have peace of mind.

    Why are you so off target with the question?

    Verita, I don't have a clue as to what you had to say. It sounds like you REALLY meant it though.

    Hold your breath until I figure out an answer to your ?????????? was that a question?

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