What is preclancia in pregnant women?

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    I think the condition you are referring to is called pre-eclampsia and if you google this you will get a list information sites related to this condition
    Preclancia is a disease which has same reasons, causes and affects as pre-eclampsia. Just like pre-eclampsia it can be caused due to many different reasons. One can be if the expecting woman is of age over 40 years. At the same time if woman has family history of pre-eclampsia then she can be attacked by this disease. Obesity prior to pregnancy can be one of the reasons of getting this disease. Twin or multiple pregnancies; leads to this problem during gestation period. If a woman has family history of Preclancia like if her mother or any other sister suffered from this problem then she can also be a victim of this problem. Mostly this disease is seen in pregnant teens and in first time pregnancies. History of diabetes, any kidney disorder, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus are the other possible causes of this problem.

    Above all; exact causes of this disease are not known. But most of the times; seizures are seen in the women having this disease. It can cause coma and even death of the mother and the baby during, before or after the birth of the baby. High body fat, insufficient flow of blood to the uterus and poor hygienic food can be some of the other causes of this problem in a woman.

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